Strange World – Plugged In

Movie review

It could be said that it was a shocking discovery.

Pando, the plant discovered by the famous Clade family in the coldest, most remote regions of Avalonia, literally kills anyone who picks one of its lively green berries. But while the power fruit is a poor snack, it’s a really nifty powerhouse. And it pretty much revolutionized everything.

After all, it’s not like Avalonia can import coal or oil from foreign lands to keep its lights on and its hovercraft moving. As far as its residents know, there are are No foreign lands. The only land they’ve ever known is, well, Avalonia, surrounded by towering mountains that no one has been able to climb or cross. And the whole country had gone without lights Y hovercraft throughout its history by candlelight.

Jaeger Clade would have been fine if Pando had never been discovered, if we’re being honest. Avalonia’s greatest explorer wasn’t looking for a mamby-pamby plant when he and his intrepid team stumbled across the thing. He was going to do what no Avalonian had ever done. He was going to climb his mountains and see what was on the other side.

But Searcher Clade, Jaeger’s son, saw the berries and argued that they should be carried down the mountain. Boy, they might as well reshape the future of Avalonia, argued Searcher.

Seeker, we are explorersnot gardeners,” Jaeger said.

And then Searcher had the audacity to tell Jaeger that he’s No an explorer. The never wanted to be an explorer. And this plant could affect Avalonia road more than a small ascent through unscalable mountains. And then, as if only to irritate him, everyone else on Jaeger’s intrepid team agreed.

So on that snowy day, father and son parted ways: Jaeger went into the mountains and disappeared. Searcher brought the plant to Avalonia, and indeed, it changed the world. Well, it’s true that the plant did the job. But still, Searcher got a nice statue, right next to one of his tricky pops.

It’s been 25 years and Searcher put his scouting stuff in the closet. Instead, he works with a rake and hoe. Searcher and his family (wife Meridian and son Ethan) are farmers now, one of many growing the miracle crop.

But now, it seems that there is something wrong with pando. He is dying, ruined by some strange disease. Avalonia President Callisto Mal says that every crop in the country could be infected within a month.

But Callisto has a plan: if they can travel under Avalonia, where Pando’s roots flow into what is rumored to be the central heart of the plant, maybe they can figure out what’s killing Pando and figure out how to fix it.

Oh yes: Callisto said “they”. She wants Searcher to dig up her scout rags and come with them. After all, no one knows more about Pando than him.

Son Ethan wants to come too. But Searcher insists that he would be too dangerous. He still has terrible memories of scaling unscalable cliffs and fording unfordable rivers with his own father. He’s not going to make Ethan suffer like he did.

“I won’t risk your life,” Searcher tells his son. “Never.”

But what if 16-year-old Ethan wants risk your life? What if he’s not cut out to be a farmer? What if there’s a bit of Jaeger lurking inside of him?

What if Ethan decided to sneak aboard Callisto’s hovercraft? Would you be… surprised?

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